pictures worth a thousand words

Today’s Sunday Snapshot has nothing to do with me, but it will no doubt be a vivid memory of the kid pulling the plastic disc with the two-tier snowman some day. It was taken in Central Park (NYC) during the holidays by my daughter. It’s hard to know whether this snowman is missing a head; if the arm sticks are in the right position, then the black hat’s pulled so low that it’s hidden–a little like a prisoner on death row hooded and being dragged to what? His execution perhaps?

I don’t have a story to go with this picture. But that doesn’t stop me from making up one.

Her mother couldn’t go with the little girl and Dad to the park. Perhaps she wasn’t feeling well. Or perhaps because it was getting so late by the time Dad decided they’d go sledding that Mom stayed behind to prepare dinner and have hot chocolate ready as soon as they came home. You remember how it was when you were a kid and you wanted your Mom’s approval for everything you did. This was her first snowman, and she wanted Mommie to see it. The only thing to do then was load it onto the plastic disc she had used to slide as a sliding sea and haul it home for Mommie to see. Maybe she’ll look down from a fourth-story condo window and remark what a stunningly handsome snowman that is. No matter what the real story is, it will be something she’ll remember for a long time. Not that many snowmen–unless he’s named Frosty–get to travel for the short time they’re with us.

5 thoughts on “pictures worth a thousand words

  1. Hi Mage – Hello Grannymar
    Thanks for taking time to comment. I got up yesterday feeling completely at a loss for words, but wanted to put this picture up sometime and did it as a “throwaway” post–just to make the browsers think I was really keeping up. I was going to suggest readers write their own stories around the picture but decided it was too silly. The invitation’s open in case you’re interested.

  2. the kids in our building made an incredible snow woman by packing snow onto a big heap over a larger planter. She had a hand muff and she was really good. I meant to take a picture over the course of a few days, but last night when I came home I saw that her head had fallen off completely. Then we got more snow later on, so I bet now she is just a big blob. sad.

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