a story: roscoe and surya are friends

Wintersong has a bleeding heart when it comes to animals. And few things distress her as much as seeing stray animals with no one to care about them. It seems to be too common a story all over the world. Every now and then, a different kind of story comes along that makes me feel good all over. The story of Roscoe the hound and Surya (sue-re-ya) the orangutan is one of them. It runs a tad under 4 minutes and every one of them is a heart warmer! I hope you’ll watch!

7 thoughts on “a story: roscoe and surya are friends

  1. It was cranky about opening, so I will be back later. One thing we can all do is support our local ASPCA or County Animal Control with donations. As everyone cuts back, animal organizations are cut first…..or museums.

    • Thought you might like it. This story just recently aired on “Oprah” and will be featured this fall on National Geographic Channel’s show “Odd Couples”. Both Suryia and (now) Roscoe live at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in Myrtle Beach, SC. After Andre Bauer’s intelligent comments about feeding causing breeding, I’m happy Roscoe found Surya on that ride around the compound instead of South Carolina’s No. 2 monkey after Mark Sanford. She’s intelligent enough to ignore his advice against feeding strays. Now let’s see if Andre’s grandma was right; Roscoe’s been fed, will he and Surya now breed? The offspring should be interesting.

  2. Now that is really awesome! As you know I love animals and have been hugged by an orangutang! I hope you don’t mind but I am putting the link on Facebook! I absolutely love this!

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