explaining zion

I shan’t explain the cartoon just yet, as it will become evident elsewhere in this post. For now I’ll just thank my blogger friend Kay (Kay’s Thinking Cap) for bringing the source to my attention. (To enlarge, click on photo.)

Lately the swarm of papers and junk I’ve found myself surrounded by have challenged mere entry into my office. When I kept losing important things like photographs or writer’s notes, I decided it was time to clean up things around here! That’s why this year–right after the holidays–Hubby and I both started in to get things in shipshape in this here room we call our working headquarters! Now I can see my desk for the first time since around January last year when I last made what turned out to be a timid approach to the same challenge. That time, though, I just moved it from one place to another in a half-assed attempt and within weeks, it was back to the same old problems. This time things are gonna be different!

It was engrossing work, because I kept coming across things I still couldn’t bear to part with. I might need those someday. The words stimulate and I can probably use it in my writing. Yet the right and left sides of my brain kept up the argument to dispose, dispose, dispose versus oooooooooh no, save! save! save! The question then became, how might I store all this junk important paperwork into a venue that will save it for posterity and make the room tidy and practical at the same time?

I think that’s why I like having my blogspace! My own little nook of the world where I can cram things and find them easily enough later on. If I can do that then I can dispose of the paper and keep it too (forget about that eating or having cake axiom). After some careful thought, I’ve come up with what I believe to be a brilliant (certainly creative) idea to post the parts I want to remember in journalistic style. Here’s my idea:

I love reading old letters and notes. There may be others who enjoy the same thing. Or maybe not. To paraphrase other words I read somewhere, blogs or blog posts attract, they do not compel. Readers who don’t wish to read that sort of thing are free to move on to more interesting stuff. Meantime, with this method I can save some of my stash for perusing “some other day” when I may be unable to do much more than read.

So, this category “emails from Zion” will became a new category filed under My Wintersong, and posts will be added, hopefully, on a weekly basis. It sounds ludicrous I know. Whoever would have thought that cyberspace, internet, whatever you choose to call it, would become a filing system? Now, everytime I go outdoors and look up into the sky, the cartoon illustrates how I’ll be thinking of all my stuff “out there” somewhere, except mine will be jibs and sheets of paper and less like mail. (Acknowledgement goes to weblogcartoons.com for allowing me to use it on Wintersong.)

Don’t forget to continue reading below, the first edition which normally would have been posted last, but the blog form being what it is must come AFTER this introduction, instead of being the first post you see until I post the next time. (Perhaps Sunday?)

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