wintersong regrets

Wintersong doesn’t really understand why bloggers/writers feel compelled to apologize for not writing regularly, but somehow they do. The last several weeks she admits that she’s been rather erratic at posting. She’s been hit by a bug. . . oh, but not THAT kind of bug. She got both her flu shots and is doing fine health wise. It’s that end of the year organizing bug that has possessed her once again, and now she’s working hard trying to climb her way to the top of the messy pile of debris strewn across her office.

That crazy bug is causing all kinds of havoc around the house by taking her over and making her re-organize and clean. As paper and really stupid stuff threaten to flow over to the rest of the house where Hubby could be be affected to, the bug is forcing her to take a rather hard boiled approach this year, and there will be a lot of trash to pitch out as a result. That should make regular posting and finding nice stuff she wants to share with you a whole lot easier. She expects to be back in a couple of days with some cool pictures and a whole bunch of new stories to last throughout 2010.

9 thoughts on “wintersong regrets

  1. You are one of the most dedicated bloggers out there -other than those who do this for a living! I couldn’t get near the computer for the entire Christmas week. Not only was I entertaining the hoards, my darling grand daughter turned my office into a nursery! Looking forward to your post-cleaning posts! r.

  2. I need some of that bug, also. I keep working on organizing, but the paper piles up faster than I can deal with it. My bags for the junk mail and paper recycler far exceed anything else in the trash.

  3. My desk and counters in the studio are swimming in piles of books and papers. I have a baby quilt pin-basted and yet to be quilted. My husband is in a second week of vacation at home and since he is on vacation, I’m supposed to be too. He wants to eat lunch together and go to movies and shopping, etc. I want to hole up in the studio and ignore him. No regrets for me at the end of the year. I’ve removed that word from my vocabulary. Happy New year!

  4. Yes, I do so understand. It’s so nice to start a new year with a functional and clean office. I did that yesterday with my journal spaces, today I’ll organize my three big projects for the upcoming year.

    It’s good to know you and read you. Often you inspire me. Life is good too. This upcoming new year will be a good one also. I’m looking forward to the new and clean.

  5. Alice, I agree about the posts beginning with apologies. The only deadlines are self imposed. Now I need to chase a few spiders, clean a few windows and… and…. and! I wonder would it be easier to buy a new house? 😆

  6. I think that if project bookshelf isn’t finished by Friday, it’s a good activity for your number 1 grandson to engage in after school. He keeps bragging about how strong he is. Put those muscles to use, i say!

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