memories are made of these

Day 22, November posting challenge. One more week and one day to go! Then I can go back to being a lazy two or three posts a week blogger.

This large bulletin board hangs on the inner wall of Hubby’s and my office. On it are random snapshots of not only family members around the world, but people we’ve known all around this country as well. It’s small here, but by clicking on the picture you can make it large enough to distinguish individual photos. I think you can click again and it’ll get even bigger (works on this end anyway). Do let me know if you have problems with it. If I can I’ll fix it.

It’s pretty busy as you can see, but it’s also encumbered from time to time with pamphlets of upcoming activities  (upper left hand corner) which are removed eventually. I shan’t ever remove the two handmade valentines Hubby was forced to make romantically inclined to make for me in Marta’s Spanish classes the past two years (they’re exactly alike with a message hand-penned in Spanish inside) lest I forget the ends to which he’ll go to keep me happy.

The tiny little weaving is one Hubby made 30 or 35 years ago in our more hippyish years. I’m there on the upper left with Groucho-ish glasses and nose that hangs over my mouth. Mama’s there several times as is Grandma, plus several nieces and nephews in Florida and India, there’s the grandkids, plus several faces of people no longer living. Chances are good, if you’ve ever encountered us over the past 50 years or so, you’re there too. (Eiko in California, Silver in Oklahoma, Jan & Joan & Nina & Cathey & Kathy in Ohio, Bob & Pat & Adrienne in Las Vegas, you’re all there!) So click to make it large enough to see, or get out your magnifying glass if you have to, I hope you’ll come up with your own memories of days gone by but not forgotten.

If you don’t see yourself here and you’re a friend of mine (if only virtually through blogging) just email me and arrange a way to send me your picture to add here. If I run out of room, I’ll just begin another memory board. Memories start right here.


10 thoughts on “memories are made of these

  1. Would you like one of G and I?

    Yes, we have one of these too. Grandchildren, friends, and all the goodies that make up a life. G fought against doubling it in size, but we had to. 🙂

  2. I don’t have room for that – little wall space here. So most of my memories are taped inside my kitchen cabinets. It’s fun when a glance will send me to a memory!

  3. Sadly for me here in Malaysia, most of my memories have to rely on only that, memory, recollections of the past years.

    Photography was not yet as developed as today then.

    Can you imagine how I have to strain my brain just to recall who my childhood friends were!

    • We Americans forget how spoiled we are. I don’t remember my parents having a camera either, except for the one I saved and purchased at around age 11, but someone in the family–the richer ones I gather–had one and had copies made of the pictures they made for all. I’m so thankful they did.

  4. That’s lovely, Alice. I used to do that on my refrigerator when I lived in Chicago. After I moved all the pictures got put away, never to surface again. Perhaps I’ll start from scratch here.

    • 😉 You should see the short video we made. My talented daughter added dialogue of a “my life so far” of the same kid–our grandson when he was a toddler. I think he’s playing with our slot machine there in our house in Las Vegas. I love that picture too. We call it our blackmail picture, or the one we’ll bring out when he brings his first girlfriend (or boyfriend) home.

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