some days everything goes wrong but i keep trying

Day 19 November challenge:

Some days were just not meant for blogging. And today may well be one of them. Right now my computer is unusable and Hubby and I are disagreeing on why. I say it’s because of the Skype software he installed on it this morning, and he insists that has nothing to do with it. All I know is it was fine last night when I last posted. Now McAfee is going crazy and trying to fix things and I’m sweating it because it’s going on towards 11 pm and I’m using the laptop to write this. So here goes a purely wasted post…really stupid, but what else can I do?

I did manage to get my crown replaced. Turns out it wasn’t damaged so much that it couldn’t be used so I’m only $98 poorer tonight; if Dr. Burns had to make a new one, I’d be set back about $695 for the pleasure of that one free eggnog flavored salt taffy candy. (Grace, too bad you’re not my neighbor! What kind of glue would you have needed?)

I did manage to go through my entire photo file earlier this morning and found some funny pictures I didn’t remember I had. If I can get my computer back before bedtime, I’ll try to attach them. They’re good for a laugh at least. I need a laugh.  I don’t know if this url is still valid, but I did this long, long ago, and they were buried in my pictures. I was trying various hairstyles for myself to see how I would look if I had thick hair. What do you think? Patsy Cline or one of the Andrews Sisters? Then I thought it would be fun to see what Hubby would look like with a crew cut. Do you think we look like a conservative young couple?

8 thoughts on “some days everything goes wrong but i keep trying

    • Funny thing about how we look now. Back then I thought I was so ugly–from any age–now I look back and think “not THAT bad after all,” and bad is actually NOW. Will it all even out in the end I wonder, if I make it to 90 will I think I looked GOOD “back then” which is what NOW is? Never satisfied. I can just hear my Daddy say that.

  1. Conservative a la 1958. 🙂

    Yup, do I see a software glitch? Do you have to have Skype on your computer? I see we have the picture, so I’m guessing that your computer is up and running again. Tell all when you have time.

    • Skype is a software that allows you to see others who have Skype accounts on your monitor while you’re on a skype telephone connection with them. We have it on the new laptop with lots of memory and it works great. This old computer (which seems to be working fairly well right now) is about 10 years old and showing signs of being worn plumb out! It just can’t handle any more software. I see a new computer in the horizon, and I hate changes that will entail. I aim to do this daily posting thing through November even if I have to use Hubby’s Mac. This one’s slow as Christmas now and things keep popping up even when I don’t click anything. Do PCs get hiccoughs?

  2. Don’t you ever watch the Mac commercials? Hiccups are the least of it. With a really old computer it’s a good idea to not upgrade or load anything new. Not only do you run out of memory, you also get conflicts. I consider my 6 year old laptop fully mature and no longer open for improvement. Next step: recycle bin.

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