it’s already snowing in slc so we’re leaving!

Can you believe it?! It’s snowing here already! Yesterday’s high was 83°F and 89ºF the day before. That’s just too much temperature change to adjust to without whining a little! Summer didn’t even make it here until nearly the end of July and already she’s leaving us.

Hubby and I inadvertently chose the best possible time to leave Utah as it turns out. Yes, we’ll be leaving tomorrow for New York City where we’ll see our daughter and her domestic partner, a trip in the planning for several months now. The trick now is to pack everything, including the rain slickers, in one suitcase that fits the rigid size restrictions for take on luggage. During our last trip to NYC, we spent close to two hours trying to retrieve our luggage in baggage claim. So this time we’re traveling light!

This escapade is taking the place of our yearly roadtrip; it seems flying or taking the trains this year is cheaper than renting a car and driving the east coast. So we’re renting a car only a few days in Connecticut to make the rounds of family and old friends from 32 years ago when we lived in Windsor. I’m looking forward to seeing our old neighborhood, seeing if any of our neighbors are still around. We aim to be back towards the end of the month. We’re taking the laptop, but posting depends on the availability of wireless service as we go.

Meanwhile, no one is totally safe from fickle weather patterns, no matter who you are or where you are. So watch out … for tsunamis and flooding, thunderstorms and tornadoes … and whatever else I can’t think of. If the economy, the health care fracas or the wars in the middle east don’t get you, Mother Nature still could! If you can, take a cue from us and just get out while the gittin’s’ good.

Back in awhile in case anywhere cares.

9 thoughts on “it’s already snowing in slc so we’re leaving!

  1. I’m so happy it’s there – and not here.

    Have a great trip! Have a wonderful time visiting old friends.

  2. I’m not sure you’re gettin’ out from all those problems in heading to NYC! The most recent apprehension of a terrorist plotter took place in Brooklyn, and the guy lived in my borough!

  3. Carry or wear it all on. You can always FedEx leftovers home. 🙂 What fun you all will have, and I am looking forward to reading your posts.

  4. Hi Alice,

    The four-letter, s-word has crept into the forecast for Southern Wisconsin as well. Summer was unusually cool, and we were all wondering if that would mean an early winter. Hopefully though, my three-year-old will help me put it into perspective—Snow, mommy, Snow!
    Have a good visit with your family.

  5. Hello Again Alice,

    This is Joyce Gloeckner Badgley. So glad this is still going on. ( Snow is beautiful). I will leave it at that. I have something exciting to tell you. I finished my little book( Memoir)about the River. I am not sure if it is appropiate to say it here in your Blog. It took me five years. I did it. Thanks to your inspiration. I am sitting here with a little smile. I hope I hear from you. Stay strong.

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