birds on a wire inspire music composition

I’ve been catching up on my blog reading (again! or should I say STILL?!) and came across a really nice post written by one of my favorite, Grandma Henke (on the Blogroll). I always get a kick out of Edna’s stories, she’s a great storyteller and has such weird things happen to her that I enjoy reading. But today I liked one of her posts so much that I decided to blatantly steal it to show it to you here. That said, may I suggest that if you have a poetic (or romantic) bone in your body, after you watch the video from youtube, you should read Edna’s post (where I first saw it),  God’s Gifts.

The story behind the video:  a man named Jarbas Agnelli saw a picture of birds sitting on electrical wires in a newspaper. I’m sure we’ve all seen similar views ourselves–I always refer to the birds in conference–but Mr. Agnelli took a few extra steps rather than just admiring the photo op. He cut out the photo and wrote out a musical composition translating the location of the birds on wires to the lines and spaces of a music tablet. He sent the resulting music to the original photographer, Paulo Pinto, who told his editor who told a reporter and–as these things go– ended up as an interview in the very same newspaper. (If you can read Spanish, you can read the original article here as published.)

Enjoy the short video made with the photo, the music and the score (as inspired by the random arrangement of the the birds on the wire). Music made with Logic, Video made with After Effects. It lasts about a minute and a quarter, and is a great way to begin (or end) your day.

By the way, Edna really knows how to tell a funny tale! If you do go to her blog to read God’s Gifts, back up a few posts (to slightly more recent ones)  to have a look at “This couldn’t be happening to me!” about her adventures (she has them everywhere!) sitting in a car in a supermarket parking lot . . . reading a mystery and . . . and innocently putting herself in harm’s way. It could happen to any of us. Thanks Edna, and please forgive me this indiscretion of mine.

7 thoughts on “birds on a wire inspire music composition

    • Grace, I was thinking about you when I posted that. I know you and I are comrades when it comes to loving all nature’s critters. Nice to see you’re still around.

  1. Well now, I didn’t know you’d posted this and said such nice things about me, Alice! Somehow this post slipped right past me. I just love how you build me up and make me feel so special! Thank you!

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