mrs. hughes, still funny, still here

The last time I wrote about Carol Hughes, it was to tell you that she was appearing on the 43rd annual Jerry Lewis marathon (more than 20 hours!) fundraiser for the muscular dystrophy association, MDA, held about a year ago in Las Vegas. Yours truly intended to stay up to watch it (I think she was scheduled for around midnight) but guess who fell asleep and missed it? Thanks to youtube, I was able to catch up with Mrs. Hughes again recently (remember how she’s now a good friend of mine?!) and subsequently found this video on youtube. You’re sure to recognize the one-line opener as she’s used it frequently, but after that it’s all new (to me) material. I think you’ll enjoy it (runs a little more than six minutes).

6 thoughts on “mrs. hughes, still funny, still here

  1. I’ll make a point of sitting down and watching her this evening. She is always funny and hits right where it is needed….the funny bone. You have a great day now.

  2. My Dearest Friend, Alice,
    I have two new videos up on You Tube. Bluetooth wars and another I can’t remember the name of.
    Thinking of you
    Mrs Hughes

  3. I’m delighted to hear from you, my friend! And I shall look up these new videos immediately, and hope any of my readers do the same! Heaven knows we need as much humor in our lives as possible these days. Nice to know you’re still entertaining us.

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