canadian health care professionals share information on single payer system

In the last several months we have heard all kinds of lies about the proposed “Obama Health Care Reform.” Many of the comments are about how President Obama is trying to change us into Canada with its single payer “socialized” medicine. Claims repeatedly mention how terrible the Canadian health care system is.  Those who spread these lies have not once acknowledged that President Obama has taken the single payer program like Canada’s “off the table” from day one. Here is a video message to all Americans from the doctors and health care experts from Canada. After you see it, you might–like me–think that wasn’t such a good thing after all.

Most of the time I put these videos up, and it doesn’t really matter to me how many people watch them, but THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT! If you are one of those skeptics who fear what will happen if health care is reformed in this country, PLEASE watch this and pass it on. Let’s hear how the system works from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Listen to what the doctors and other medical professionals say about how things really work in Canada. I’d like to add that these people have nothing to gain from how the medical system works here, and thank goodness not everyone is profit motivated.

6 thoughts on “canadian health care professionals share information on single payer system

    • Thanks a million, Grannymar! I hope no one ever mistakes the U.S. is a model for healthcare. Everyday when I watch the news I get more and more discouraged. Sometimes I wonder if in this country we shouldn’t begin with education–teaching people to think for themselves primarily–before anything will improve.

  1. Oh, how I wish he had left that single payer as an option. Now that Sen. Kennedy has died, I worry that we will get any form of health care reform passed at all.

    • I have that same fear myself. If this were a movie some hero or heroine might step forward, but since it’s not a movie, and I don’t see anybody waiting in the wings to try and fit into his shoes, I have that same fear myself, Mage! Don’t hold your breath, but keep your fingers crossed!

  2. My note vanished………I’ll try again.

    Yes, Kennedy’s death will change the whole outcome of the Bill. He was the man that worked behind the scenes to make it happen. Article in Newsweek.

    I’d like a single payer as an option. Darn it.

  3. I just saw a commercial saying we would not have enough doctors if we reform our system, and telling me to tell Arlen Spector not to vote for healthcare reform. What a joke! The lies and foolishness don’t matter: just keep the insurance companies happy.

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