9 thoughts on “Memorable Gifts: In Papa’s World

  1. What a wonderful gift your daughter made. I can well imagine that the book is your husband’s favourite gift of all. What a wonderful gift to share with us. Thank you.

    P.S. Isn’t making a slideshare presentation easy as pie? Congratulation.

  2. Oops! You’re absolutely right, Dr. P! Charley was a girl doggy, but remember she was so influenced by the dog next door, who was a male that used to pee against our fence with his leg cocked up, she began peeing with her leg in the air too, so I guess it was too easy to typecast her as a boy dog. For the record, her full, registered name was Charlene Shiteata Dumas, known affectionately as Charley.

  3. I love(d) that book too. However, there was nothing accurate about it. Only accurate thing about it was the page with leg kicking out which mom left out after I told her that it may offend some people.

  4. What an absolutely awesome idea and you’re right about how precious it is! Maybe I’ll try something about that for when Lynn Retires.

  5. Mom said to tell Hubby?daddy (see comment above) that someone in the family has to preserve some sort of family decorum and judgement.

  6. RYN: Yes, that Peter Beagle. He showed up selling his new book to raise money to pay his lawyer. One movie company isn’t paying him royalties. He was exceptionally nice.

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