sunday sail on the salt lake in utah

Wasn’t it nice of our son-in-law and daughter to buy a nice boat to take us sailing after they read about Hubby’s love for boat rides in one of my posts? It was a great sail on a lazy Sunday afternoon yesterday, but when I got home I was one whupped puppy (tired), and I wasn’t the one who had to do all the work either.

IMG_0125 (2)

IMG_0105 (2)

IMG_0114 (2)

8 thoughts on “sunday sail on the salt lake in utah

  1. Whew! Today was as busy as Sunday only not as fun as sailing. (I had my RA treatment and did errands and it took most of the day!)

    It was a lovely day, Grannymar, but I was surprised at how tired I was when everybody else did all the work.

    Like you say, Mage, it’s all that fresh air, or maybe the SUN. I found I don’t do so well in the sun for long periods.

    Vim, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. You be sure to bring your swimsuit along.

    Surprisingly, Sylvia, my daughter didn’t realize Hubby’s love for boats until she read that post. I’m pretty sure the boat would have been purchased regardless of our blessing, as s-i-l was looking for an outdoor activity the whole family could participate in. (He’s a hang/para-glider but that’s a solitary thing.) Daughter has inherited the boat-loving gene from her father apparently.

    Moe, no slight intended; I decided to give readers a break and cut down on both the number of words and pictures in at least one post. Besides, the pix of the kiddies weren’t so good.

  2. RYN: See the journal page at the bottom of that entry. There are shapes that have the entry. In the top page, I removed the words so we could see just the art. šŸ™‚ So sorry that you came back from this vacation not catching up. Maybe you picked up a bug?

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