nothing about relationships is perfect, but …

(a little break from my Peru vacation posts which will continue soon)

Do you snore? Count yourself one of the lucky ones if you don’t, but if you admit that you snore or know someone who does, as I do, this video may remind you that what is often the most disturbing and imperfect parts of our imperfect human relationships may be the thing we miss the most when we lose that imperfect someone in our lives.  God bless my hubby for putting up with that imperfection–along with all the others– in our lives for 40 years.

6 thoughts on “nothing about relationships is perfect, but …

  1. I smiled and laughed and thought of all the little things I missed in the last eleven years. You have given me an idea for a blog post so you may see that video again in a couple of weeks.

    Thank you Alice, for the memory and the inspiration. 😀

  2. This is not as bad as being “dropped like a hot potato”……. lol! The relationship was platonic, full of daily zest, filled with promises, words spoken were so sweet to my ears… But as an adult, I did not bear slightest grudge against this “Knight In Shining Armor”
    Deep down, I felt sorry for him though… he kept on chasing shadows of beautiful butterflies.

  3. So nice to hear from you all…I have to admit my eyes were tear-rimmed and I was almost choking as I posted it. I know it ain’t fair to make people cry, and I had a sneaky suspicion the video may have been made up and scripted, the message was still the same and a good one. I thought–if it was made with actors–that the woman was wearing a saree and the deceased husband’s last name was Lee was a nice touch.

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