ready or not Peru, here we come

About two years ago, Hubby began studying Spanish, a language he’d always wanted to learn, with Marta Merino, a Peruvian woman who moved 30 or more years ago to Salt Lake City. Last year she became a citizen at last and has decided to stay awhile. One of the continuing activities of her retirement has been to teach Spanish in various venues around town. So it was about a year ago Hubby suggested that she organize a tour of Peru for the class and whoever else might be tempted, and to go along as our especiale guide.

Well the idea grew and, finally this winter, came to fruition through the expertise of Marta’s sister in Peru, Liliana, who operates and manages a Tour Agency, Viracocha Turismo Internacional, out of Lima. Eleven of us will depart early Monday morning for a two-week tour of Peru; five of us remaining for an extra two days in Ica, an important agricultural region of Peru where produce like grapes, cotton, asparagus and olives are cultivated. It is known by Peruvians as the land of the sun and even though there are four seasons, the warm dry climate makes it feels like summer year-round. Hubby and I, and three others who decided to stay for an additional two days, will return to SLC on June 2.

peru group (2)

Here we are during a planning session last week. Beginning on the back row from left to right, there’s Robert & Mary, Caroline & Boyce, myself & hubby, and Jenny. Front row from left, Professore Marta, Kathryn, Judy, and Marilyn. Not sure about Jenny, Kathryn or Marilyn, but I’m pretty sure the rest of us have passed around the Sun 60 or more times.

Liliana has planned the trip carefully so that we start out in Lima at about 500 feet above sea level and climb gradually to our highest level (nearly 12,000 ft) in Cusco, before returning to Lima and Ica, so that we adjust gradually to the highest altitudes. We’ve also equipped ourselves with all the gear we expect to need, including medication for altitude sickness, which is no simple matter with today’s exacting baggage regulations.

Come Monday morning we’ll be up and away so I won’t be able to keep up with my blog reading for awhile, but I’ll be back barring unforeseen circumstances, and catch up with everything and enjoy the rest of the summer. Then we’ll think about–maybe–a late summer or fall road trip, this time–maybe–on the east coast. I resist thinking of it too much as Mama taught me I should never count my chickens before they hatch.

While we’re away, there will be daily postings of each day’s activities at My Wintersong as I keep a written record of our tour. While I’m away I hope you’ll come by as often as possible as we explore and learn more about the many mysteries of Peru and its varied cultures.

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