an “almost” birthday surprise

This week’s warm weather made it impossible to ignore yard chores any longer so I was forced out of the house to the back yard for general cleanup and adding topsoil to the terraced garden. Once I was out there I got into the old swing of things and set the bird bath up behind some large landscape rocks where there were no bushes or thick hedges to inhibit a bird wishing to bathe up on warm days.

In setting it up, it became apparent I’d have to set some fairly heavy rocks around the base so the strong winds wouldn’t blow it over again and finish the damage it inflicted a couple of summers ago when I tried to set it in the very same base. In doing so, I somehow let one rock land with a thud against another without removing my hand first, managing to add insult to injury on my crooked middle finger already crippled with arthritis. Ouch!

It’s hard to do anything requiring pressure against that finger, so I’m not so eager to type today. I tried to figure out how to say something without using that finger and hence the letters i and k and the comma, but couldn’t, even though I was awake half the night trying to figure out how to do so. (Therefore, ouch, for every one of those characters I hope you feel my pain.) The next best thing, or maybe the best thing as it were, might be to post pictures instead.

Here are a few shots from last Friday evening. Son-in-law treated us all to dinner family style at Buca DePeppo; the camera went with us to snap some pictures to share with daughter in New York. (Wish you and Ben could have been there!) How the birthday cakegramma-vim-blog came (gratis) I’m not sure, but the waitress inquired if it was anybody’s birthday. Now mine really isn’t until May, but someone in the crowd said yes, hoping for cake I imagine. She asked who? and I replied mine pretty soon. Before we knew what, most of the whole serving crew for the evening were standing around our table, they and all the guests around us singing “happy birthday” to me. Why was I so embarrassed? Because my birthday isn’t until May? Perhaps!

But the red cake, I have to say, was delicious! The event had not been planned that way I’m pretty sure. So, for posterity or whatever reason, here’s the way we were on my almost birthday. Back next week, hopefully with better stories after my finger’s mended.

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20 thoughts on “an “almost” birthday surprise

  1. Well happy (almost) birthday! ^^ I just stumbled across this looking for more readers for my book, and I have to say I’m glad I found you.

    I’m sorry to hear about your finger, you might want to tape it up just as a reminder to yourself not to use it. Might also try a warm soak in epson salts. I know its a lot of trouble for a finger, but I imagine by now you’ve discovered just how much you use that finger.

    • Nice having you stop by uninvoked. I’ll remind people who may read this comment that they can hover their cursor over your name in the comments so they can go to your site and read your book you’re putting up in chapters. Looks like fantasy science fiction? Stop by again anytime. And thanks for the good wishes and finger tips. It’s better now but still hurts like the dickens if I bump onto something.

  2. I am soooooo sorry about that finger. If it turns strange colors like purple leaning toward green, you might stop in at the doctor’s office. Loved the pictures tho. Flat out charming stuff. 🙂

  3. You guys are too funny, teaching those kids that it’s okay to lie for free cake. Because it is, you know. I think free cake justifies many actions that might normally be kind of wrong.

    Ben wishes we could have been there, but more to help with rocks in the garden than for the Bucca di Beppo. But we like Bucca di Beppo too.

    • Submitted on 2009/04/27 at 9:23am

      Vim, I was USED I tell you! Free cake at my expense! (Sorry, at the restaurant’s I s’pose.) But I’m giving them a plug here, so maybe that’ll earn my soul a little salvation.

  4. Vim, I was USED I tell you! Free cake at my expense! (Sorry, at the restaurant’s I s’pose.) But I’m giving them a plug here, so maybe that’ll earn my soul a little salvation.

  5. Yes, don’t faint, Alice….I’m slowly returning to the blog world. And I LOVE your new look here! Font is much easier to read and it all looks great.
    Really enjoyed your photos….your grandchildren are just gorgeous and hubby looks very distinguished.

    • I’m so glad to see you back Terri. I’ve been a bit worried about you and Ray and feel relieved that things are finally turning around. I’m glad you approve of the new look. I think it looks much prettier and calmer myself.

  6. Great pictures! Sorry about the finger, hope it heals soon.
    Oh – my daffodils are finally blooming!

  7. I love ‘almost’ birthdays almost more than the real thing! Some cake is worth telling fibs for.

    You mind that finger, I feel your pain. I crushed a middle finger in the same way many years ago.

  8. Gee, there I was, and kapoof there you were leaving me a note. Nope, I remember so little of my childhood and very much not my first birthday. Take care of that finger.

  9. You’re a May baby too? I knew there was a reason I felt a connection with you. Sorry about the finger – I’m starting to date my years by the injuries – 2007 was the year of the foot, 2008 the back, sigh.

    • Hello again, Rachel. Yup I’m a stubborn as a bull May baby. Thanks for your comment. My finger’s slowwwwwwwly getting better but still reminds me it’s not quite up to snuff several times a day doing really routine stuff. ‘Hope the sun’s shining there for you in New Orleans!

  10. Awwwwwwwwww shucks, Alice, I had surgery today to remove a wart from my left thumb today (it refused to be frozen like a good little wart — ouch!) so we’re both in the same boat.

    A premature but heartfelt Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    And yeah, you’re featured on The Friday Groaner today!

  11. Happy Nearly Birthday! Yesterday I sent you a package containing something for your garden. You must promise not to damage another body part while installing it.

  12. Oh Alice I love how you write. I’ve been catching up and every blog has just captured my heart and made me so grateful for our friendship! I am going to try your sweet potato soup by the way. It looks and sounds delicious … in fact I swear I could almost smell it!

  13. Happy Almost Birthday! I sent an Almost Gift to you last week. Exercise caution when placing it in your garden. I don’t want you to damage any more body parts.

    • Ah so! I was thinking of this as we were coming home from my infusion today. Now I have CLUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I will be careful, but that rarely means anything anymore. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I promise to email you when it gets here. Maybe it’s a little garden gnome who will keep my flowers from dying. Can you believe it, two weeks ago I planted eight pansies. Within three days they were nearly yellow. I think it was bad topsoil from Home Depot–smelled much too strongly of cow manure! Remember to flirt with the cops if they pull you over for speeding on your drive to SC. SC is where a cop stopped me on my initial drive up to Pgh from Fla and tried to pick me up. You gotta watch those southern men. Of course that was forty-one years ago!

      Love, Alice

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