10 thoughts on “spring changes her mind

  1. I know, Colleen, you don’t have a mean bone in your body. And Mage, everything’s under cover alright: a layer of icy snow. Thank heavens I changed my mind about seeding yesterday.

  2. Everyone likes your 5-7-5 today.

    And you so encourage me. My appalling thought when I was done scanning was that all mother’s albums, and boxes of photographs, unmarked, sit down in our garage. That’s something I’ll tackle next year.

    Yes, soul bearing. Naked stuff. I had what would be called an abusive childhood, and I need to write poetry about it. But stuff that others would read not turn away from. We will see.

  3. ML, the haiku works for you. Actually, I was thinking if you changed the last word in line two to “noses” instead of “trumpets” then your verse would fit right in with my new Haiku category: hackneyed haiku. But trumpets do make a nicer picture. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    • Thanks Sylvia. I’ve been thinking I’d start a new category for some blogs because I could only think in 5-7-5 syllables for awhile there. What do you think of “Hackneyed Haiku”?

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