“superbrain” power for all just a yoga pose away

Received this youtube video yesterday from a niece from Hubby’s side of the family now living in Connecticut. After viewing it, Hubby commented that it’s what he knew of as Power of Thopukarnam when he was a child in elementary school in India. For Hindus it was a prayer activity to Lord Ganesa or used as  a punishment for one’s poor performance or bad behavior at school or at home. Each errant behavior had to be atoned by doing at least 10 of these in front of the whole class for each act of mischief.

You may laugh, but I tell you that every member of my Indian family is pretty damn smart, on the average much smarter than most Americans I know personally, no put downs intended. Now of course I know that could mean one of two things: either the power of this yoga technique works and/or it reflects how many times my hubby misbehaved in school. Either one works for me.

Shall we try it? Is it too late for me? It’s very interesting and relatively easy to do. I hope you’ll watch and let me know if it works for you!

4 thoughts on ““superbrain” power for all just a yoga pose away

  1. I’ll try it. I’ve been doing squatting exercises anyway.

    What are the copyright issues of posting that video? Is there something special about taking it from Youtube?


  2. That’s a good question, Ruthe! This is one of the things I mean about copyright laws being confusing. From what I discern from YouTube, the responsibility for observing strict copyright laws falls to the uploader to YouTube. Their expressed policity stated in their community guidelines to provide a place the internet community can go to watch and share original videos worldwide through a Web experience. To this end, the site allows people to easily upload and share video clips on http://www.YouTube.com and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email. You notice I always refer to them as from youtube even though youtube is clearly stamped on the face of the video.

    The way I understand it, and because thousands of bloggers do it, I came to the conclusion that means it’s fine to post on blogs, link, or embed in emails. Should the copyright to any video be questioned and found to be legitimate, videos will be immediately withdrawn from the site and the owner of the account who uploaded it will be charged with the infringement and will be banned from further use of the website. Other than that, I and thousands of other bloggers post them rather freely as I’m sure you’ve noticed. If you see it differently, or understand legalize better than I, I hope you’ll bring it to my attention.

    (Btw, the reason I use youtube is because WordPress makes it very easy to do in their instructions. That’s why I presumed they had an agreement of some sort. In the beginning, theirs was the only video format for free acounts like mine; I notice there are others as well now.)

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