who wants to make easy work of peeling potatos?

A friend sent me a YouTube link recently that reminded me you can learn something new every day no matter how old you are. Today, as I’m still not quite over my illness and am undergoing an arthritic flare to boot, which comprises my ability and/or desire to write something original. Man (or woman) proposes, God disposes as they say. Instead I thought I’d pass this hint along to you. Please don’t leave sarcastic comments.

Next time you need to peel potatoes for that potato dish you’re preparing for lunch or dinner, here’s a tip for you for peeling potatoes. Okay, okay, I know the old potato peeler makes potato peeling pretty easy, but there are some dishes you make where you don’t want to peel before boiling or your potato salad or whatever will wind up looking like a smashed potato glop.

Here’s our old friend Dawn Wells from Gilligan’s Island teaching us how to peel potatoes, and you’ll only use a minute and 34 seconds watching the whole thing. I won’t soon forget this. In fact, when I get completely better, I might just make some potato pakora.

5 thoughts on “who wants to make easy work of peeling potatos?

  1. My boyfriend just walked into the room and said, “Why are you watching commercials for potatos.” I said, yes, but it’s Maryann!

    He’s convinced I’m crazy. Well, to be honest, he already did, but this has confirmed it.


  2. Yet it’s somehow so life confirming. Life does go on after Gilligan. There are still potatoes in Idaho. And to think, here in Utah I live almost next door!

  3. I don’t have speakers but I got the jest of things. I don’t know what is in the cup you put potato in when cooked? Any help?

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