sacrifice for art

Sometime back my grandkids were going to be in our charge for a full Friday (!) and more than half of that time that would mean me, by myself (!!), as Hubby had a meeting to attend in the morning. So earlier in the morning, before they arrived, I decided not to panic but went instead to my source of comfort. My friendly computer. Into the google search engine I typed entertainment for kids 6 and under, and I came up with a multitude of ideas and things to do at the keyboard.

You might try it yourself in a pinch sometimes if you’re not one of those earth mothers that make great grandmothers. Kids scare me. Even my own. Even when they’re all grown up! Especially now that they’re all grown up.

With the older one settled onto the couch watching bad cartoons with on demand cable service, I took the younger to my office and soon she was happily playing age-relevant computer games. Then at some point I decided to give her a chance at the Jackson Pollock paint site, which she absolutely loved.

If you haven’t tried it yourself, you might want to, especially if you’ve ever fantasized about tossing buckets and paintbrushes full of paint without worrying about cleanup, just give it a go right here. Be forewarned that with the very first, even minuest movement of the mouse, you’re painting!

She had a wonderful time and we printed out many of her masterpieces to take home for her mother. It took only minor monitoring of both kids, going back and forth between my office and the family room before, amazingly enough, the Hubby poked his head in the door, home from his meeting.

On another Friday, this time both of us watching the kids after school, the 3-year-old asked me to let her play on the computer, i.e., paint a picture a la Pollock like she’d done that other day, and I could not for the life of me remember the url. (dot com didn’t work and I didn’t remember it was dot org instead.)  Some mistakes lead to other things though, and good ol’ google came up with another art website that lets you paint with wild abandon. Another bingo! She loved it.

There are several ways on art dot com to create paintings. You just pick your style (are you a Pollock, a Picasso or a Rothco?), then you take your time–you can even undo things if you make a mistake–and when you’re finished, you can add a frame and hang it in their gallery. You can even print it if you want, and they helpfully remind you to set your printer to landscape instead of portrait for the best layout.

Best of all,  you can send a link to your family and friends in an email. I begged my granddaughter to let me send a copy to Mommy at the office, Auntie in New York, and another to myself. She said No! In the back of my mind I also thought it would be cute to make and save a copy as a jpeg  so that I could share it and brag on Wintersong.

For a 3-year-old, she was quite emphatic with her “NOs!” She even stated it in plain English so I couldn’t pretend I didn’t understand what she was saying: I do not want you to put my picture on your blog!!!!

Finally, after bribing her with a cup of giant marshmallows she loves (and isn’t allowed to have at home), plus a few red cough drops (medicine), and a cup of hot chocolate, she relented and allowed me to send the link to Mommy and Auntie. Alas, I was unable to save it as a jpeg to use on Wintersong, but I did manage a link. If you want, and if you promise not to breathe a word to her, you can view one of her masterpieces here. Notice her color choices. She’s all girl!

Just a note. All my links open in new windows. That means you have to click your back page button to get back here. So before you go, let me just say that if you go there and decide to try your hand at painting and you never make it back here? That’s okay. I forgive you. Anything for art!!!!

4 thoughts on “sacrifice for art

  1. That is funny. I actually showed Vimala’s teachers at her school – they have laptops and internet in the class (though i don’t think it’s really for the kids).

    But, you really have to remember Grandma, she is NOT vimala. She’s Princess Elaan of Troysius (and now you can find out if there are Star Trek fans among your readers)…

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