Little Girls in Pink Tutus

Another “wish I had a camera with me moments” occurred one afternoon as I was in the gym in the fall. This happens all too frequently, but sometimes the memory photos remain among the best even though words are not adequate to describe why they’re so special.

There was a football game going on between the Utah Utes and Colorado State Rams, so traffic was heavy and finding a parking place was iffy. Fortunately the gymnasium parking lot was reserved for patrons, so we found a spot without too much trouble, though I did notice a few infringements as people took one of the sought after spots and turned to walk to the stadium rather than the gym.

Later as I was resting between bicycle cycles, I looked up from my newspaper to see a woman arriving with a small girl dressed in a pink tutu hurrying on their way to the dance studio. She was remarking to one of the attendants that she told the parking attendants that there would be about 15 other cars coming along presently that would need a parking space, and that all would have a little girl inside dressed a pink tutu.Sure enough, a few minutes later they began to gather and traipse lightly across the floor to join the rest of the tutu pack.

A ways behind was another little girl, around four or five years old, padding along and doing her best to catch up with the others, but something was different and more interesting about this one. As I looked closer I realized it was her tutu, hers being much longer than those of the other girls. Feeling something askew, apparently, she slowed her pace slightly and reached down.

Her tutu waist was tied loosely enough that it was now cupping her rear end. Otherwise she was a picture of grace. In the nick of time before it slipped any further, she gripped it with her hands and pulled it up. Now she looked like all the others.

A pity I thought.

9 thoughts on “Little Girls in Pink Tutus

    • Oh Edna, I’m sure we all miss those moments every day of our lives. But if you think about it, the rarity is what keeps the moment so special. I’m just thankful for each one.

  1. Thank you!!!!! My daughter was the one with the sagging tutu when she was small. She was also the shy one who was sorta klutzy in class but took the stage at recital time with no stage fright and never missed a step, I think that sort of defines her approach to life.

    • I checked the link out, Sylvia, and it’s a very lovely story. Even better than a photo, because now it becomes a memory photo of mine in a way. Thanks for the lead. I’m sure I will continue to collect those “photographs” not taken.

  2. LOL….too cute. I could just picture her. Kinda like somebody walking out of the public restroom trailing that strip of toilet paper behind them.

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