Two Lap Quilts: Fait Accompli

It’s good to set yourself small goals now and then, especially as you get older and look forward to NOT setting goals anymore, except for getting out of bed each new day and wondering what surprises or adventures it holds for you. I’m not one of those who feel compelled to keep setting goals to make my life interesting! But in this case, I did prove to  myself that I can still get things done, especially in view of the number of projects begun and not finished–some perhaps never will be. I accomplished the task of making two lap quilts with matching pillows around suppertime on Monday the 22nd, just in time to get them wrapped to present to the grandkids Christmas morning. Here’s more or less how they were received:

3140884795_7296cba7b1-2Three-year-old Vimmy, who started all this with her request for a quilt small enough to drag around the house and play with, tried hers out almost immediately. I gather from the smile on her face, it met with her approval. Though the color choices and match-ups may not seem obvious on the surface, I managed to get the required pink for the background that actually did match some of the fun animals from the print on the other side. Her specific request was for giraffes and pink.

3141039119_148d56416b-2 3141717492_88c024daa0_o-2

Here’s six-year-old Thomas’s Darth Vader quilt. That’s me holding up the front with the fabric photographs of Thomas himself in his Vader mask.

These pictures were taken Christmas morning at their house when Grandpa, Auntie Vim, and I visited for brunch and to see what Santa left behind during his rounds the previous night.


From what I gather watching weather reports on the weather station during the afternoon, much of the country was covered with white for the holidays. Here’s how it looked in our back yard all day. And more came that night. And the next night. And the next.

Hubby had to go out on Tuesday and buy a whole set of studded snow tires so we would be able to stop abandoning our Honda in various snowbanks and trudge by foot up our hilly streets to get home after an outing. Why do these unexpected expenses always come up around the holidays?

Today we were finally rewarded with luscious sunshine which is always more appreciated after a few days of snowstorms and sleet and slush. That’s how our holiday went. Hope you met your goals this year, at least those really important ones!

Oh, I almost forgot! Thomas and Vimmy asked for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s house Christmas night so they could play with Auntie Vim for awhile. They came ready to spend the night with their quilts and pillows in tow. I’d just add one more thing:  it was worth all the trouble. I just hope they won’t hold all the bad stitching against me when they grow up and find out how poorly the quilting was executed.

9 thoughts on “Two Lap Quilts: Fait Accompli

    • Thanks so much, Mage. I tell Hubby that what I lack in execution I try to make up in design. You can’t see all the quilting done by the machine on either quilt unless you look really hard. Need I say, “just as well!”?

  1. The quilts and kids are adorable. I bet they were so excited to open their presents! I love the pink color with the giraffes! Makes me want to get the sewing machine out and do some creating of my own! Hope your snow lets up soon. From the looks of the news you needed those tires!

    • Thanks Edna. The kids loved them; that’s what counts, isn’t it? And those snow tires make all the difference in the world! Why didn’t we think it last year? I guess you forget when you spend so many years in Nevada. Haven’t needed snow tires since I lived in Pittsburgh.

  2. Love those quilts! And the kids look very happy. I had no idea that Darth Vader was still popular. I figured he may have gone the way of Buck Rogers. Giraffes never go out of style.

    • ML, apparently popular enough for fabric to be available. I was surprised too. Thomas discovered Star Wars about three years ago since his mother and father are die hard sci fi and fantasy fiction fans. When he was in nursery school he liked to dress up as Princess Leah. But that was only when he wasn’t wearing his bear costume and being a brown bear. Remember how his mother used to be a horse?

  3. I’m finally finding a chance to pop in here and catch up with you.
    OH, those quilts are gorgeous, Alice. I’m impressed. What a lovely keepsake for the grandchildren. And yup, you’ve still got it in ya….meeting those deadlines and goals.
    Your grandchildren are just gorgeous!

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