My Life As A Blogger and Amateur Photojournalist

Through the good graces of webcomic xkcd and creative commons attribution non-commercial license, I’m able to share this really great cartoon with you. Thanks Randall! And to Dr. V for sharing it with me. It’s so me, especially in view of the nearly 500 digital photos of my recent Florida road trip and family reunion, it is largely what my life of blogging has become these days. As egotistical as it may sound, this is what I–a once devoted wife, mother of two, grandmother of two, creative cook, creative person all around–have been reduced to. I wonder if there are any others out there in blog land who can relate? Absolutely disgusting, isn’t it?


If you liked this one, be sure to click on the link and check out the xkcd archives.

7 thoughts on “My Life As A Blogger and Amateur Photojournalist

  1. Did you think I was doing all this traveling just for me? Everywhere I go I think of the next blog entry. Sick isn’t it?

  2. I am obsessed since I started my blog. It kind of takes over your life, doesn’t it? Not only am I always thinking about what I will post, but my live contacts have to listen to my rants on the clever thing I just read on someone else’s blog.

  3. This was great! LOL
    But I can relate to it as well. I go nowhere without my camera. Hey….ya never know what you might see when out and about that WOULD make a terrific blog entry! One must always be ready….lol

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