Last Ditch Effort – McCain & Obama Engage in Dance Off

Only ten more days left, Folks, and it’ll be over! From here on out I’m concentrating on keeping my cool and trying to quit gritting my teeth. It’s wearing them down to nubs! And in this economy I can’t afford the dentist more than once a year. Watching videos like this one by (from YouTube) should help. Spend the next two minutes, 38 seconds to watch Senators McCain and Obama engage in a face off of a different kind–finally some fun in these last few days of campaigning. Her Eminence herself (“that one” with the initials SP) steps in to help the man who made her a household word (or two). Everybody wants change. Well, this is a change all right.

You’ll see Senator McCain raise his arms shoulder high for the first and ONLY time during this entire campaign. It’s worth watching if for no other reason than seeing his facial expressions. (I actually may like him a teensy weensy bit better now. Ummm…no, actually, I don’t.) But who knows? Since bringing Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber on board may not be the definitive answer to a winning ticket, then maybe winning in this dance off would help. Watch it and, should you be so inclined, put your winning vote in the comments.

For propriety’s sake I must point out this movie is “created,” not real, lest anyone think otherwise.

4 thoughts on “Last Ditch Effort – McCain & Obama Engage in Dance Off

  1. Hilarious video! This digital technology makes no one safe from humiliation.

    As you know I support neither candidate, but I have to ask you a question. Are you mocking the man’s disability (not being able to raise his arm above his shoulder) which was received from torture as a prisoner of war?

  2. Actually I wasn’t mocking his disability. I’m just not always careful of my words and I resort to the same excuse Geraldine (remember Flip Wilson?) used to: the devil made me do it. It’s just something that occurred to me as I watched and saw the hands shoot up. I confess I actually feel a little sorry for the man. But I think HE’s the one who’s made a mockery of himself by his erratic behavior and questionable campaign decisions lately. And it’s true that digital technology can be used against any of us. But it was fun, and that was all that was intended by any remarks of mine. Mea culpa.

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