On my Soapbox Ranting About the McCain/Palin Ticket

Even though Hubby’s been telling me the last two weeks that it’s all over (the election) and I shouldn’t worry so, I still do, so much that I can hardly bear to watch television because Sarah Palin is always there making me feel embarrassed to be a woman, or John McCain is there making me feel embarrassed to be old.

How can I go back to business as usual on November 5 should McCain and Palin be heading to the White House? So maybe if I write it all out here, a rant as several bloggers I know would call it, I can get over it and make it sanely through the next 16 days to the election!

Sarah Palin’s snide remarks on her campaign stops repulse me. I cringed at her  attempted responses to Katie Couric’s questions that first began to expose how clueless she was. Not only is she a letdown after the Democrats rejected Hillary Clinton as a possible first woman to burst through the glass ceiling of the White House, she’s catapulted women nearly back to the 1950s.

I’ve already lived through those years once, please don’t make me go there again! The women’s movement of the 1970s was about putting aside gender prejudices and judging people on their abilities, not their ability to hoodwink and titillate a dirty old men syndrome leftover from that earlier time and of which the Senator McCain has reminded me with his choice of running mate.

If something happens to the 72 year old with a history of health problems, I dread to think what would happen to this country. I know that McCain likes to point to his 90-something year old mother in an attempt to make us think there’s nothing to worry about there, what with those great genes and all, what about the genes of his father and grandfather who died of heart related problems at 69 and 71 respectively?

At that point, you’d better believe we’d need a vice-president ready and waiting, one who knows enough that she could work to unite the country and solve some of our problems, and one who wouldn’t need constant script writers so she doesn’t keep making a fool of herself in front of the whole world. We’ve had eight years of that! Enough is enough!

So far all Sarah Palin has shown this blogger is that she’s great at dividing us with her snide remarks and constant putdowns of “the opposition” or, as Senator McCain refers to him, “that one.”

McCain thought he was so clever to choose a woman. Not only would disappointed women Democrats jump on his sinking ship, so would the Evangelical Christians! The truth is, he would have chosen a real pig wearing lipstick if he thought he would help him achieve his ultimate goal as President.

Did he really believe that women would throw their common sense aside and vote for this eye winking, lipstick and high heel wearing woman who masks her shocking lack of knowledge with memorized talking points, playing the hockey mom card at every turn. As for the Evangelical Christians, I grew up with them and went to church with them. While many are good people at heart, you can be sure I wouldn’t want any one of them running my country.

Surely there was a more qualified Republican woman who would have been a better choice, one who would not have been a humiliation to women in general? Someone who can work with everyone, including “the opposition” as well as foreign leaders, whatever it would take to solve problems that require more than a wink and a you betcha!

i want to look up to a President or Vice President, or aspiring ones, not identify with them, or go out for a six pack with them. What an awful irony that a man who worked his way from humble beginnings to the top of his class at one of the nation’s finest law schools becomes “elitist” for speaking well, while McCain decides for a last-ditch effort at becoming one better than his Navy Admiral father and grandfather at whatever the cost, even if it means lying and dancing nervously across debate stages and parading his pretty women to help him win the election.

Cindy can’t buy it for him even though she would if she could, but she can stand primly in her $300,000 designer outfits and smile demurely. On the other side of the stage is Sarah Palin, who strangles her sentences while asking me to admire Joe Six Pack, Hockey Moms and Joe the Plummer and never forgets to wink at me.

Oh Senator McCain, what a leader you would be. Wink! You betcha!

13 thoughts on “On my Soapbox Ranting About the McCain/Palin Ticket

  1. Amen. And I hope that everyone remembers that the election is far from over, and, at this point, McCain/Palin can ride in for a win on the back of Complacency. That dark horse has won many races before. Grace

  2. Sometimes it’s all that I can do to restrain my vitriol about the disrespect shown to all women by the choice of Palin as VP. And, to paraphrase Colin Powell, the lack of judgment shown by McCain to have Palin as his VP choice.

  3. The polls keep looking better and better for Obama. I am relaxing just a tad, but I will still be glad when this election is over. If McCain wins I know I will suffer from even deeper depression than I did when GWB won last time.

  4. I’m glad to have the company of all of you. Thanks for all your support. Maybe Hubby will prove right. He usually does, but we’re all in this together aren’t we?

  5. Very well put, Alice! It is mind boggling to me how any U.S. citizen could not feel panicked at the thought of her, being next in line for the presidency. She is so in over her Soccer Mom head. I think she is actually the best thing McCain could have done to help Obama win, though, so we should be grateful he is that … uh … (fill in the blank).

  6. I am totally disappointed in you for judging people for their choice of clothes, makeup, shoes, and facial expressions.
    It is one thing to express displeasure over candidates’ views and knowledge on issues, but you lost me once you started the ranting on physical appearances. Come on, you’re so much better than that!

  7. I’m glad you felt strongly enough to share your view, Catch Her. I don’t dislike Ms. Palin on a personal level. I just think that McCain assumes most women are too small minded to make intelligent decisions about our voting choices. She may be doing a good job as governor of Alaska, but that doesn’t qualify her to be the Vice President of the U.S. What seems to have resonated to you from this post must be attributed more to poor writing than bad reasoning, and I’m sorry I failed to get my point across. I think you know that.

  8. You are usually so reasonable and I did understand what you were trying to say. I just think that sometimes people get so caught up emotionally (especially with politics) that they sometimes resort to name-calling and physical judgments, rather than staying with logical discussions of the important issues. I was just surprised that you resorted to that.

    I am not a Republican, but talking about Palin’s shoes & lipstick and McCain’s designer clothes is about as relevant as Clinton’s pantsuits. I think Hillary also wears lipstick. 😉

    Well, you did described the post as a rant. Not to worry – I still like you and enjoy your blog. I didn’t mean to offend you in any way.

  9. Yes, it was a rant. I’m really frustrated these days. I didn’t take offense; felt bad that in my passion I wasn’t able to say what I really wanted to say. That happens a lot when I write. What comes out is never as good as what I was (thinking I was) thinking. No offense taken. It’s actually nice to see someone call me on things. Maybe it’ll help keep me on my toes. If you haven’t seen the Alfred E. Smith Commemorative Roast videos yet, maybe you check them out of one of my today’s posts, especially if you need a good laugh to relieve tension.

  10. Thank you, Alice. You said everything I wanted to say and said it better. I also keep worrying. Somehow I don’t see this election as a shoe-in.

    For some reason, I was able to get to both of our blogs without using that vpn tunnel. Makes life much easier. Maybe the Chinese have finally unblocked WordPress.

  11. Each time I patch Palin, I cringe yet even more. I really canNOT believe the lack of intelligence, class, professionalism and common sense of this woman.
    Does she really think WE think it’s cute with all of her “You betcha’s” and “Aw, shoot’s” Personally, I want to GAG!

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