Surrendering to Inertia

Just in case anyone has wondered, My Wintersong is falling silent these days, somewhat due to inertia perhaps, but not entirely. I’m finding it impossible to keep up with 4 classes and all the other stuff (field trips, etc.) going on in this new semester. One of these days I think I’ll write about how to stay busy (read that “interested” and “involved” rather than “filling time”) without spending a lot of money.

5 thoughts on “Surrendering to Inertia

  1. Don’t stress. Try catching up every now and then instead of being pressured to keep current. This is for fun, after all. We like hearing from you whenever you have time, and since I have a reader, I will never give up on you;).

  2. This will make you feel interested and involved. I made the yummy summer squash casserole and took it to a party last night. All the guests were women. Several of the ladies wanted the recipe immediately. Everyone who sampled the casserole loved it. I wanted to tell them that it took hours to make this recipe. But, a gorilla with an hour’s training could whip up this dish. I’ll send you my easy chocolate cake in a cup recipe to try.

  3. I was going to comment that you don’t have intertia, you have overload … then I saw that you had already decided that for yourself. Take care of yourself first. I am trying to get that last bit of courage it takes to sign up for the NaNoWriMo next month.

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