Movin’ On Up

Three years ago tomorrow, we moved into our home here. Friends in Las Vegas thought we were crazy to leave such an exciting city that never sleeps. Where you needn’t decorate Christmas trees because it looked like Christmas every night along the strip. Yes, it’s true we were a little apprehensive. After all things were happening all the time in that crazy place. Nothing ever stayed the same for long, and everybody who was anybody had our city on their list of places to go. Why on earth would we even want to leave?

but the next morning we woke up to this new view:

Natural, but no less brilliant! At the end of a long hard day of settling in, we saw this:

with promises of repeats 365 days of the year. Although we had thought we were doing the right thing, we were a little surprised how well it turned out. Which view do you like better?

(And would I have done a better post by making my musings on this move a metaphor for dying . . . trading views, and maybe being a little surprised after the transition is complete? Your thoughts?)

4 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up

  1. Well, I’d say this was a no-brainer about which place I’d prefer to live. My city lights days are also over…..we made our relocation to Cedar Key 3 years ago this past Feb. and I’ve never looked back for a second.
    Give me Mother Nature any day!
    A metaphor for dying? Are you kidding? MY life really STARTED once I got away from all the noise and confusion and I could focus on what’s REALLY important.
    So glad you did too!

  2. Las Vegas is Disney World with sand…a fabulous place to visit and enjoy. I think that living in flyover country is preferable and more in line with your roots. When you feel the need to be a hedonist, you can always hop in the Mazda and drive to Vegas for a few days. I know you miss the Elvis exhibit at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

  3. Oh my, Terri, I guess words are powerful! I really don’t think of the move from LV to SLC as dying! Far from it. Actually, I was thinking of people who fear their own deaths; it may be that we’ll wake up and see a new kind of sunrise that will be more beautiful than we could have imagined. Another surprise and a symbolic rebirth. That was my metaphor. I’m looking forward to seeing your getaway digs in the Florida gulf.

    ML, but I actually DO miss Elvis! LOL. You know, the first time we went to that exhibit was with you I think! Remember as we were leaving and Elvis said “thank you very much” and scared the beejeezus out of me? You must admit it was and is a very special place. Where else can you play basketball with wax people?

  4. I love Las Vegas so I do like both views – although the bright city lights would be mitigated against the endless desert stretching away.

    I saw your metaphor wrongly as well and was glad that someone else had already written Oh No! 🙂

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