My Summer Garden

I am so immersed in batches of old photos and new photos that I’m not even sane enough to write anything. So In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this little slide show I put together for you. With little or no rain in almost two months, parts of my garden here look a little straggly, but here’s what it looked like in mid-June just before our vacation by spot photography. And just for the record, you can make almost any place look great in photographs set into slide shows. I have no doubt each of your own gardens is equally or even more beautiful! That said, in no way does this fact diminish my pleasure in showing you my summer garden:

4 thoughts on “My Summer Garden

  1. Love your pictures. This is not a comment on your garden, which looks wonderful, but it’s truly amazing what you can do with photos. Mostly, they all lie.

  2. Your garden is beautiful and I am jealous … not so much of your garden as your skill at creating and caring for it. That’s exactly what I want when I grow up!

  3. Wow! You know what I wished?

    I wished that I live in your neighborhood so that I could ask for some plants and transfer them into my plot…hahahha.

    Years ago, I used to “smuggle out” cuttings of variuos types of roses from UK for my late mom who lived in Terengganu, Malaysia. How I did it? I had the cuttings neatly wrapped in alluminium foils covered in newsprints and properly put beneath milk bottles in my baby’s milk bag.

    Once they were planted here, they flowered throughout the year due to abundance sunshine, sufficient rains and loves from the caretaker, my late mom. But they were not as big as they were in their place of origin.

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