Shoulda Done this Yesterday!

Trying to get my photographs organized is proving to be one helluva job! And you know the old saying, the hurrier I go the behinder I get? Very appropriate in this case! So if I’ve missed a few days of blogging and reading, that’s why. I literally “lost” one-hundred photographs on Saturday and spent most of the day trying to find them. I was trying to cut and paste them from my hard drive to a new home on a CD, and they fell out of my hands and poof disappeared from view. Hard-core computer geeks will understand that few things are ever really lost, but they sure are adept at hiding from wannabees like myself! I know I’m not the only one who gets exasperated more often that I care to admit! I spent nearly the whole of the day trying to figure out where they those pictures went. Finally found them after running hours long searches; resorted at last to unventured territory, the backup tape data. I waited for smoke to appear, either from my ears or the computer, but voila, there they were with the confoundestest pathway direct you can imagine! I couldn’t open the file without manually giving the computer (who was as confused by that time as I) the direct path to where I found them, which I copied from the backup. They were safe, but I still haven’t figured out how they got resized by exactly half! while they were hiding out. All’s well that ends well, though, they’re still adequately sized, and I’m sort of back on track after taking some time off yesterday to do a camera walkabout around town.

Here’s what I shoulda posted yesterday, but time just got away from me. Happens all the time these days.

This is the entrance to the Huntsman Cancer Research Center in the University of Utah designed to research, learn about, treat, and prevent cancer. It was founded with a pledge, including $100 million of personal wealth, from Jon Huntsman, Sr., a philanthropist and businessman. Since then Mr. Huntsman has donated $250+ million dollars of his own wealth to the center. In the wintertime these hills are usually covered with snow, but now they’re covered with these beautiful brownish/beige dried grasses waving in the wind and creating a magnificent frame for the beautiful modern architecture. You can stand here and look down and across to see downtown Salt Lake City and Temple Square grounds and buildings.

This is one of the first things a visitor or oncologist patient sees when he or she enters the building. Notice the beautiful granite panels framing the elevator doors in the background. The stairs are made with the same granite.

Continuing my walkabout in the Millcreek Township shopping area, I noticed this little fellow. I’ve seen at least two of these little fellows in and about town lately. Could it be the beginning a new era for about town transportation? It sure is cute.

And this is the latest of our backyard visitors. I shuddered as I shuttered and worried about the mama and daddy Gambel quails and all their little babies that nest in the oak brush in my backyard. I continue to cross my fingers and hope that Mother Nature knows what she’s doing! More later.

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