Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Clearly I still have much to learn about posting blogs directly from Flickr. I’m no knucklehead, and I followed directions explicitly two or three times and still I’m only able to post one photo at a time. I wanted to share the three of my beautiful Oregon coastal lighthouses, but they’ll have to come one at a time. Now, back to the Flickr page to see where I sent wrong. Hope you like this one plus my reflections at the bottom.

IMG_4607, originally uploaded by aliceatwintersong.

The impressive 93 foot tower of the Yaquina Head Light House in Newport, Oregon is visible for several miles along the Pacific Coast highway. Completed in 1873, it is the most visited light house on the west coast with over 400,000 visitors each year. It was quite chilly and windy the day this photograph was taken, as you can probably tell by the direction of the sunflowers.

Lighthouses are compelling and imposing at the same time. They seem to have a lonely tale to tell. I mean, can you imagine living in one year round? Cold, windy, sea waters lapping at you all night long. Once there were thousands of lighthouse keepers on guard. They must have led a very lonely life. Now, there are automated systems for switching the lights on and off. If you know any good lighthouse stories, please mention them in the comments. I love ghost stories especially.

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