What’s the Plural of Moose?

Here in Utah along the Wasatch mountain front, we have an interesting array of wild animals who visit us at our back yard various times of the year, and all summer we watch bird families of all kinds raise and care for their young. We even see deer and the occasional moose. There have been owls, squirrels, rabbits and snow weasels, but I’ve never seen twin moose. To be sure I’ll probably never, ever see moose twins play in a backyard sprinkler except in this youtube video filmed somewhere in Anchorage, Alaska. They are adorable! If you’re an animal lover who would rather watch than shoot or eat them, you’re gonna love this video. (Thanks to Bobbie in California for bringing it my attention.)

(about a minute and a half)

4 thoughts on “What’s the Plural of Moose?

  1. I am the camera woman for twin baby moose in sprinkler. I google searched and found it on this site. I am honored to find it here but did you know that the original version by me which is without bubble effects is also available? Glad you’re enjoying whatever version you find.

  2. arcticlilly, I did not know that. I’ll check it out, and if it’s possible I may edit this post and substitute it. I chose this version mostly because of the timing. At about a minute and a half, and getting to the entrance of the twins it works out better for blog readers short on time. Thanks for writing. The playful twin moose are simply awesome.

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