You Coulda Knocked Me Over . . .

with a feather! Look what I found today:

This honor was bestowed on me today in a post by Terri at Island Writer, who’s quite a popular blogger. I “met “Terri about a year ago after finding her on the blogroll at Time Goes By. Since I grew up in Florida, I was very familiar with Cedar Key and wanted to connect with this writer who’d just moved there and was discovering the Florida “crackers” (no insult intended) I’d known and loved all my life. I’ve been reading her ever since, and lucky for me Terri visits Wintersong as well. If you’ve never checked out “Writing away on Cedar Key,” now’s a good time to do it.

I’ve seen all kinds of “awards” on many blogs and didn’t imagine I’d ever have one of my own! Many, many thanks. If I can figure out how, I’ll display it proudly in a widget on my sidebar. You’ll know if I figured out how if you see it there one day in the not so distant future. Wish me luck, or better yet–if anyone who happens to read this knows an easy way to do this in WordPress–please contact me through the comments or by email: hearmywintersong at comcast dot net.

Terri says part of the deal is that I have to send her a check for pass it along to others that I think are deserving of a blogging award too. After I recover from the shock, I’ll do just that! Happy blogging to all!

4 thoughts on “You Coulda Knocked Me Over . . .

  1. Enjoyed this post – have always wanted to take a car trip from one end of Florida to the other. Have no idea why – it’s just intriguing to me. Glad to know that you know something about the state and have found another blogger who lives on Cedar Key – I’ll have to find a map now and see where that is.
    Your vacation sounded grand – lots of ‘seeing.’

  2. Congrats!

    I don’t really know the details of the MU version of wordpress but there should be a thing saying “You are using X widgets” on your dashboard, which you can click through to get to the “design widgets” bit.

    I hop-e that helps.

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