Art & Aquaria Combination at Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oddwater exhibit in the Oregon Coast Aquarium combines marine biology and colorfully blown art glass inside the displays and life-size murals of some of the ocean’s larger oddities. The theme throughout is that “it’s okay to look different and some of these critters do.” These pieces remind me of a couple of Dale Chihuly exhibits I’ve attended, except on a smaller scale, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the art, or glass, from the fish.

(Oops! That one should have been turned around. Sorry.)

Of course some exhibits even without the art are still beautiful and interesting; is that art or turquoise fish? This is the underwater walk through tunnel.

Then there was this guy who wanted to get up close and personal. I think he liked my eyes.

And what’s an aquarium without one of these?

Sea Otters

Or these? This little guy is Hunter, a little sea orphan. After being rehabilitated at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, he was released and monitored using a radio tracking implant. After being recaptured five times in 2 1/2 years of begging for food at local piers and jumping in kayaks, he was deemed non-releasable because of his inability to feed himself.

And how about this little fellow, who’s just taken a refreshing dip and is just enjoying the warm sunshine?

This is only a fraction of things you can see there at Oregon’s Aquarium in Newport, and we pretty much managed to see it all thanks to our special friend Mickie. We enjoyed it very much and I think it’s pretty obvious why.

4 thoughts on “Art & Aquaria Combination at Oregon Coast Aquarium

  1. Wonderful pictures. One of the charms of the Chihuly exhibits I’ve seen is that sometimes you wonder if the plants aren’t glass or vice-versa.

  2. Wow….what an amazing exhibit!
    I’ve given you a blogging award today, so go collect at my place.
    The reason: For your humorous, thoughtful and entertaining writing. For making me feel so at home every time I visit here and because of course, you’re such a nice person!

  3. My goodness! Wonders never cease! I will absolutely toddle on by and “collect” my award if I can figure out the tekkie end of doing so. Thanks very much for the warm thoughts!

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