I’d like to bring your attention, any of you who might have read my previous post on popping corn with cell phones to a comment from Colleen of Meanderings on that same post in which she provides a link for debunking the tale at http://www.snopes.com/science/cookegg.asp. At the same time, a CNN news video came out with the professor explaining how he had concocted the “experiment” to illustrate how quickly erroneous information can be spread via the internet. He then showed how it was done. Simply by dropping popped corn onto the table top in the video, and simply removing the unpopped kernels. He demonstrated and it was easy to see. He says he did not do it to promote fear in cell phone users. This video “popped up” on several blogs Hubby reads and appears to be legitimate.

I’m actually glad to have the mystery solved. But as often as I’ve consulted Snopes about email forwards, I didn’t think to check this one out. After all, my eyes didn’t trick me, did they? I saw what I saw. Just goes to show you. Hoodwinked. An old-fashioned, but still pretty good or damned appropriate word.

1 thought on “Hoodwinked

  1. I know what you mean about having seen it so, clearly, it’s real. I use snopes a lot but I’ve kicked myself a a few times when I should have gone straight there but instead accepted something as fact without a second thought.

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