Can Cell Phones Pop Popcorn?

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen a video from my friend Eiko, who remarked that things like this made her feel a little like a dinosaur with youth all over the world doing things like that! I watched with astonishment, then called my brilliant scientist Hubby in to show him and asked him to ‘splain this thing to me! Watch it first to see what I mean, and then read how it works.

If you noticed, the cell phones were activated by dialing each other. The theory is that the microwave-radiation simultaneously focused around the popcorn from 3 or 4 cell phones caused the popcorn to heat up and pop just as a microwave would.

I can only presume this little experiment to be true since I’m quite aware there are lots of rigged things going around on YouTube and this could be fake. My question therefore, if this is in fact legitimate, would YOU want to eat it? Or would it be no different from microwaved popcorn? Also, what do cell phones do to people who have them practically glued to their ears these days?

And Eiko, as for feeling like a dinosaur watching the world’s youth and these crazy stunts plus being on cell phones practically 24/7, let’s see if they’re still around to discover new things as you still do well into your eighties!

4 thoughts on “Can Cell Phones Pop Popcorn?

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  2. Well Colleen you were right. I’m glad now that I mentioned in the post that I was aware it might be a hoax because CNN has now come out with a video of the man (professor?) that started it to show how effective rumors can be spread via the internet (as if we didn’t already know that!) and he explained how he did it. I’ll probably post more later today. To his credit, Hubby warned me, and I concurred, that it COULD be a trick, and so it was!

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