New Talent from the UK

Recently I discovered a new singer, Adele, a new singer (to me anyway) from the United Kingdom who is highly touted by Catch Her In The Wry in a recent post. Funny how you “meet” these people you’ve never heard of before, then suddenly see them everywhere. Now she’s scheduled to be on Dave Letterman’s show. I watched and listened through Catcher’s link and agreed that Adele is the real goods all right. She’s got a great voice! If you don’t believe it, you can use one of the previous links and hear for yourself. Then I remembered a singer I discovered in 2003 while we were living in Las Vegas, and decided to see if I could find some videos of her that I might share with my readers. Thanks to Youtube I found so many! She even has two albums I didn’t know about.

Katie Malua comes from Russia where she was born to Belfast, then to Britain where she sang one of the numbers below to the Queen, and became pledged her allegiance to the queen when she became a citizen there. Hats off to these phenomenal talents from the United Kingdom. (To preview Adele go to the links above.)Here are two of my favorite songs and one of my favorite new singers. Tell me what you think.

The Closest Thing To Crazy

and Call Off The Search (Now That I’ve Found you)

3 thoughts on “New Talent from the UK

  1. Hmmm…….I finally found something where we differ….lol
    I listened to both and hate to say it, but I wasn’t impressed at all. I don’t know…..I thought they were doing more “talking” than actually “singing.” A little too “breathy” for me, I guess.
    And besides…….guess I’m just an Enya kind of female.
    But I’m very glad YOU enjoy them…….lol

  2. Adele and Talking Heads?! It’s like you’re in your 30s or something!

    Adele was one of the free iTunes downloads a few months back. I don’t really like Katie Melua that much, but those YouTube videos don’t really do her much justice. She sounds much better on the real album.

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