One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song

Hubby’s been taking Spanish for several semesters now. He’s really proud of himself now that he can converse (sort of) with wait staff in Spanish restaurants. He’s sometimes able to speak three- and four-word sentences. But he still sounds like this when he tries to sing me love songs in  Spanish:

3 thoughts on “One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song

  1. Yes, I’m back at the too busy stage. You know.

    “Buenos Dias. Como esta? Bien, Bien.” That always makes anyone think you know what you are doing. If you don’t feel quite up to par, get him to say, “Mas a menos.” That will get them all. They will laugh. Mexican slang for “So so.”

  2. Muchos gracias, senorita, for your comment. I’ll write down these phrases to use next year when we hope to visit Peru with the whole Spanish class. They may come in handy, along with the other few phrases I know.

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