And they said it wouldn’t last

I just looked at the calendar and saw that today is our anniversary. Where did the past 39 years go? I don’t know how it was in the neck of the woods you grew up in, but in mine, every time someone got married somebody somewhere nearby would say, “I give it six months, tops!” Well they probably said that about Hubby and me, but they were wrong. Here’s what we looked like then, as newlyweds, and fairly recently (on a good day) thanks to our Las Vegas friend Marie’s camera .

By the way, now that GrannyMar has taught me via email how to do it, you can click on the picture itself to make it a bit larger for detail. You’re a gem, G-Mar! The video is dedicated to Hubby as both a surprise and in lieu of a present. If you like romance and animals, or pop singing groups from the 1950’s you’ll probably like it, too. A little nostalgia never hurt anybody. Here’s to you, Pop! I’d do it all over again; hope you would, too. Happy anniversary.

12 thoughts on “And they said it wouldn’t last

  1. Happy Anniversary, Alice and Pasu.
    What an ideal marriage where you happen to notice that this date on the calendar is an anniversary.
    Many more happy ones to come, always filled with contentment and adventures.
    Best, Eiko

  2. I never had any doubts that your marriage would last. As you might recall, Peter had doubts that you would last. But you did that, too! Good for you and the rest of us.

    Congratulations on the BIG 39!

  3. Aww, it is not fair to make me teary on our anniversary. All I can say is that I would not have to do it all over again because it is “Forever Babe, Forever”.

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to both of you, Alice! Enjoy your special day…, and next year is the big 4-0!
    Loved the video and the song. The photos were too cute and I always loved that song.
    Celebrate, reflect and enjoy your moments.
    I also loved the “younger” and “mature” photos of the both of you…..a handsome couple and the love radiates to the viewer.

  5. Thanks to everyone for your comments and good wishes. Lest anyone think the event caught me unaware and offguard, I guess I should explain that I knew our anniversary was coming up soon, but inasmuch as I tend these days to live each day as it comes without thinking of dates, I was somewhat startled to realize that May 30 was actually here already. We tend not to do a lot as far as gifts, etc. Maybe that’s another blogpost? No!? Anyhow, it was very nice to her from all of you. (Sorry, Peter, guess you were wrong on two counts. It lasted and I didn’t die before I turned 39.)

  6. Happy Anniversary to you both! I absolutely loved the song and pictures and am going to also post them on my blog as a surprise for my man, even though our anniversary isn’t until October.

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