4 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Pals

  1. This is (was! they’re both now deceased unfortunately) Mr. Tibbs and Blossom. He’s the notorious cat I’ve written about several times; it had to be his idea to let you pet him. But he was crazy about Blossom who came to live with us after he was an “old man.” He was a tortoise shell and she the female version, or calico. I guess that’s why they were so simpatico. Cats of a feather so to speak! I miss them still.

  2. Our cat is tortoise … and has the very same attitude. You pet her when she wants you to or she’ll tell you off. She’s particularly angry if you touch her too soon after she bathes.

  3. I can just imagine! We used to tease Mr. Tibbs by touching him as soon as he’d finished licking himself. He’d have to lick the spot you touched asap; we’d touch him again, he’d lick again, oh it was great fun to poke at him like that. No wonder he was so crabby so much of the time–to everybody but me! I guess he thought I was his mama.

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