In Memory of My Pet Pig Buster

I’m delighted to share this video I received in an email from Daughter#2 in New York this week. She probably remembers one of my childhood stories about my pet pig Buster, and knew I’d get a kick of seeing these little guys. It runs a little less than three minutes and is just adorable. In it you’ll see the piglets suckling. If was during a time like this that our sows nearly killed one of her piglets by rolling over on him.

Daddy was just about to put it out of its misery when I came on the scene and literally begged him to let me keep it and take care of it. I took the piglet to the house, found a big cardboard box and some rags and made a place for him to sleep, and hand-fed him with baby bottles. Long story short, with a lot of love and tender attention he lived and grew to be a huge hog. Generally unknown to most people, pigs can be quite intelligent and marvelous pets. Buster used  to follow me around like a puppy. Only problem was, he only had two good feet and legs–the ones in front. The rest of his 200 pounds he determinedly dragged around the yard somehow. You could always tell his whereabouts by following the drag marks. And just like the voice over says, pigs do squeal and grunt, and if they’re like Buster, they let you know how much they love you by the way they smile (from ear to ear) when you scratch their bellies.

According to AustinAnimalMagic, who uploaded this video on YouTube seven months ago, these are the Pennywell piglets. They were born in Devon, South West England, and are thought to be amongst the smallest in the world. I hope you like them as much as I do!

4 thoughts on “In Memory of My Pet Pig Buster

  1. I thought it was time to show you the sunrise view I look out over every morning. Now that spring is trying to make a committment to us, I’ll soon be able to take my coffee out to the balcony and contemplate life or whatever. Do you like the way the rising sun tints everything pink? Surprisingly, the 3 column looks less crowded (to me) than the 2 column look of before. Hope you like it.

  2. How cool, I love this post.

    I also love the new design, the three columns are wonderful, and I agree with you that it looks less crowded.

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