A Look at the 2008 Election: this too will (eventually) pass

After snooping around some of my favorite blogs this week, I located this gem from Remembering Matters that I might never have seen or read about. In her Wednesday, March 19 post, Judith tells us about a group of 57-80 year old grannies in Atlanta arrested Monday at the local enlisting station for trying to enlist to take the places of young soldiers so that they (the soldiers) might have a chance of living as long as the grannies themselves have. Just another example of the creative and politically active seniors I’m proud to claim as my peer group! If you have time you should check it out.

While I was there I also “stole” the following video clip of an Onion Election News videos. It gives us the lowdown on the issues Americans really like to follow in this or any election. Lately I’ve taken to ignoring most of the media coverage of the democratic campaign; I avoid political blogs for the same reason. It’s just too hard on my blood pressure! This video helps me keep things in perspective though.

Then, as for the second video, I’ll just add that if the democrats don’t get their act together soon, what we’re likely to get is something close to what you’ll learn in the second Onion news video broadcast immediately following. Sigh! And a year ago I was so positive that the white house was ours (Democrats) this year!

diebold early election results 2008

5 thoughts on “A Look at the 2008 Election: this too will (eventually) pass

  1. Yes, I too would go to to war so my grandkids could live too. And politics……I’ve given up. I’m leaving politics to the polititians and voting my conscience. I should be ashamed of myself.

  2. I’m afraid Cheney will take us to war in Iran, then declare martial law–no election. That way Diebold doesn’t have to use their machines.

  3. so glad to see you enjoy the visit to my blog. thanks for the mention. i’m with kay – i love the onion. and mage, i don’t know if i’d go to war but i’d certainly go to jail. and ruthek, fear of cheney is certainly warranted.

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