Young@Heart Still Singing

Some of you may remember the young at heart chorus feature in an early January Wintersong. A week or two later my daughter visited from New York; a few days after she left, she sent me a CD, “mostly live” from the young@heart chorus. I enjoyed it so much, and still do, that I wanted to tell anyone interested about it. Apparently it’s been sold out but will be available again in April online. If you log in here, you should be able to hear selections from the album, and get on an email mailing to inform you as soon as it’s available for sale. I recommend it highly as either a gift for yourself or others.

What is so unique about this album is that it goes against stereotype to feature, not your grandfather’s and grandmother’s music, but contemporary selections by such groups as Coldplay, the Clash and Sonic Youth. The chorus director, Bob Cilman, came up with this idea, and I must say it’s wonderful to hear contemporary music performed when you can actually understand the words being sung. Whereas in the past I’ve thought the young people growing up today have a dismal selection of “oldies” to look forward to where they’re in their golden age, (forgive me, I know my age is showing!) but this album gives me a new appreciation for a new generation of music.

Also, keep a lookout in your local newspaper’s movie section. The Young at Heart documentary should be debuting pretty soon as it was scheduled for spring. I for one really look forward to seeing this movie.

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