Toning Up with Ellen

The latest and most fun exercise phenomenon to come along since Suzanne Somer’s thigh master is the Hawaii chair. It lets you exercise sitting down. In fact, in this multi-tasking 21st century, you can even work at your desk while exercising; hasn’t that always been a dream of yours? It simulates hula dancing, and who doesn’t like to hula dance?

And who better to demonstrate this new “gadget” than Ellen Degeneres? Regardless of that crying jag a few months back from the pet dog fiasco, she’s still one of my favorite celebrities. (Thanks to a friend in Las Vegas for alerting me to this wonderful new exercising machine. Let’s both get one, Sandy, and hang out hula dancing next time I’m there.) 

6 thoughts on “Toning Up with Ellen

  1. What do you mean, Mage? You don’t think you could sit on this at the stadium and greet or assist people at the games? Why you’d have all kinds of people wanting to sit on your lap! … think of it! Helping people at the stadium and losing weight at the same time. ; D

  2. We’ll get one for Bob, too! He needs it more than we do, don’t you think?
    Can you imagine all of us sitting on his patio doing the HULA????
    This wiil be the next Siena activity for those ACTIVE seniors….

  3. No, I can’t sit on that. I’d be laughing so hard that I would get nothing done. At all. I just showed this to George, and we are Both laughing. I’ll post it tomorrow on my blog. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  4. I always know I can come here and leave laughing….lol
    MY God…this was too funny! Thanks so much for sharing it.
    But gee… I’m thinking it JUST might be the perfect thing for me to purchase and use to complete Book #2.
    THink of the time I could save not walking the dogs for exercise!

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