Links for Stuff You Never Needed to Know

It’s entirely conceivable that you won’t have time to try all these links today, but keep it in mind and check back and try them out at your leisure. Just to show you how easy it is to waste time at the computer (if you haven’t already figured this one out for yourself), I’ve assembled a bunch of my favorite links to the great world of the internet. If you only have time for a couple, do start at the top. Come back anytime! We’ll be here ready to guide you on your wanton waste of time anytime or the day or night! Enjoy! 

  • I’m starting off with a favorite of mine, a screen cleaner. What? Your monitor screen never gets dusty? Are you sure? Maybe you should try this screen washing service anyway, just because it’s so darned cute! Still aren’t convinced? Oh alright then, click it if you like dogs!
  • Here’s another of my favorites, especially appropriate now that we’re near the end of one of the yukkiest winters ever. It’s a flower garden you can design for yourself. I think you’ll really enjoy this! Just start clicking as fast and as often as you like as soon as you’re in.
  • Find out how much much your body would be worth if you were dead. Use this cadaver calculator and find out. It may surprise you. (I learned that mine is worth $4,965!)
  • You must think, as did I, that giraffes are always tall, very thin and trim, right? Well have another think! Click the link to see a picture of the fattest giraffe in the world taken in Tanzania by Louigie Leeky while on safari.
  •  Would you like to join the largest book club in the world? Library Thing lets you register what you’re reading–or your whole library if you wish–into their library quality catalog. It’s an easy way to connect you with people who read the same things.
  • Have you ever heard of Urkelo’s? Neither had I. But thanks to this web blog I learned that it’s a cereal named after Steve Urkel. If you love weird stuff, especially when it comes to the foods we (sometimes) eat, you don’t want to miss this coverage of foods like Beggin Strips for dogs, to Pork rinds and Potted Meats for humans, even Notto (fermented soy beans). This one is quite long, so be sure you scroll all the way down. (If the ads bug you like they do me, just try to ignore them!)
  • Like cats? Ever wondered what your cat does during the day when you’re busy with other things? This website owner set up a camera on his cat’s collar and you can follow the cam-photo tours of Mr. Lee’s day (Mr. Lee is a cat) here with trip #1. At the end of each tour, there’s a link to another trip. Be sure to take a couple or tree tours so you can see the snake encounter.
  • Like to play sudoku? Here’s Sudoku online for an unlimited number of games, plus you can choose different degrees of difficulty.
  • Need to know what time it is right now in Hong Kong? Need a short cut for tracking the flight status of friends coming to visit from Seattle (or wherever)? Let Google find out for you using one of these top ten google search tricks.
  • Find out morbid facts about things that happened on your birth date by clicking here on the Death Report. Like, while you were entering, who else was checking out?
  • If you’d like to limit the number of useless catalogs you receive in snail mail, go here and fill out the forms. Or think of it as choosing only the catalogs you really want to clutter up your mailbox. Think green!
  • Finally, this website is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever found myself on an internet surfing expedition! It’s TED (for technology, entertainment and design). I don’t care what you’re interested in, or even if you think you’re not at all (interested, that is), this place is a fascinating find! It’ll keep you entertained for hours!

5 thoughts on “Links for Stuff You Never Needed to Know

  1. You are right. Grab bag. My blog list is on my blogspot site, and sometimes I get a dent in it, sometimes not. I’ll be visiting a few of these today. I know you can hear me laughing. Hope you have a warmer day.

  2. UPDATE: The link for the window cleaning service has been repaired. (I finally got it right!) My apologies if you tried earlier in the day and got an error message. I’ve slapped myself with a wet noodle 25 times and cussed myself up and down for inconveniencing y’all. It really is my favorite place to visit just to watch that cute little bulldog do what he does best!

  3. Thanks Grace, for setting me straight about the dog. A pug! Is “pug” recognised by the American Kennel Association I wonder? Whatever, he’s cute as the dickens.

  4. Like you, TED is one of my staples of inspiration and new ideas. It is incredible to watch and listen to such intelligent people speak of their field of work. I’m hoping the videos from this year’s TED that was held last week, will be up on the site soon.

    Thank you for the other links. I especially like the Sudoku online site.

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