Justice for Jesus

This video requires little introduction. It’s already been all over CNN so you may have seen it already. To me it’s just a commentary on the differences in folks’ senses of humor. Some don’t seem to have one. Watch first, then be sure to read the update at the bottom afterwards.

I was ready to put my money on the husband because the telephone call with the  “craspy voice” sounded suspicious to me, but apparently a granddaughter did the dastardly deed. It’s hard to explain why it’s so funny to me, but it is. But I’m glad she got Jesus back unharmed. 

2 thoughts on “Justice for Jesus

  1. Good LORD……LOL Nope, I missed this one on CCN.
    Excuse me for laughing but I can’t help but wonder if she would have paid that ransom?
    Wow…takes all kinds, I guess….lol

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