Cleaning up Chloride, Arizona

There’s a little town in northwest Arizona that bills itself a ghost town called Chloride. A group of friends, along with Hubby and me, went there in 2004 for Miner’s Day, held that year on May 26. Bob Z (he’s the Mayor in the slide show) arranged for a group of us to participate in the annual show commemorating the event. I declined my acting debut. Volunteered instead to capture it with my camera for posterity (or whatever b**s**t reason so I wouldn’t have to dress up in those hot clothes). Since the day was sizzling somewhere between 115-120 degrees, my camera wasn’t fully cooperative so I missed some of the better shots. I’d like to share those I did manage in this silly little picture story epic. Hubby’s there, along with a few of our Las Vegas friends: Crazy Bob, Adrienne, Bob Z and his wife Dolores. Hope you enjoy the show!

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