Contagious Belly Laughs with Dad at the Comedy Barn

What makes you laugh? My own sense of humor covers a broad spectrum from the truly dark humor of previously featured videos of Mr. Deity to candid camera moments as shown in New Shoes. I’ve even been known to laugh when people fall, especially when they laugh at themselves first. There’s something truly enlightening when people react completely honestly after an accidental fall has stripped away all the societal veneer. I have a feeling you glimpse the real person then. 

Another thing that can really get my tickle bone going is hearing others with a funny laugh. I almost wind up on the floor laughing at other people laughing. The video below, at nine minutes, is a bit longer than I like to post. For the first minute and 45 seconds you can barely understand the MC because of the heavy accent, but after that you don’t need to understand the dialogue. If you watch it all the way to the end I can almost guarantee you seven minutes plus of healthy laughter–a good way to begin the weekend. I’ve never heard anything even resembling this man’s laugh! To see what I mean, just click and watch BrokerJim’s YouTube video “Dad at the Comedy Barn” in Pigeon Forge, which, by the way, is a little town nestled in the Smoky Mountains near the mountain resort town of Gatlinburg, less than a half hour from where Hubby and I lived in Knoxville. We spent a lot of time there.

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