Mr. Deity and the Evil

Did you ever, when you were child, ask a question of your Sunday School teacher just to see if you could stump them? or aggravate them? Like, if God is so powerful that he can do anything, then can he make a rock that’s so heavy he can’t even lift it himself? Personally, everytime some disaster occurs, natural or manmade, I can’t help wondering why an all-knowing, all-powerful God would have allowed so many innocents to suffer so much. If I were God, I simply couldn’t! Then, after an online surfing journey this week, I had to consider it may have happened just the way this video suggests. It makes as much sense as any other explanation I’ve ever heard from anyone, plus it’s much funnier! Be forewarned, however, if you don’t have a sense of humor where religion is concerned, maybe it would be better if didn’t watch. It’s not my wish to offend anyone, just to start out your day with a little humor.   

6 thoughts on “Mr. Deity and the Evil

  1. Strange, but funny. It is particularly strange to feel how, when mentioning specific diseases in the clip, the actor’s dialog step over a border and I winced. Yet, the overall premise is funny and I really do wish we could make him lose his bet.

  2. I’m usually not a dark humor gal, but I thought this was good. It just seems to really really ridicule the idea that there was some Mr. Diety up there “deciding” all this. Childern of a lesser god, indeed.

  3. oh my god. I think i have no borders for inappropriate humor. I nearly howled. Even over the holocaust. ANd i’m married to a german and my best friend is a jew.

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