Then and Now

Although it’s been a little more than a year since I began this blog, I’m still relatively new to the blogging scene. I started it December 26, 2006, more or less ignored it until around March of 2007 or so, then I renamed it (from AliceWonders to Wintersong), started it half-heartedly, all the while trying to figure out how to do things for myself. I got more or less gung ho around May, and I can’t remember exactly why, but it was probably around that time that I started getting my first comments from people other than people who know me personally.

It’s also a habit of mine to surf here and there, reading other blogs and leaving comments at many. So I’d see an occasional reference to a Meme, but didn’t pay it much nevermind as we used to say when I was growing up. You could have knocked me over with a feather a couple of weeks back when I was reading one of frequently visited blogs written by Claudia at Fried Okra Productions and found Wintersong tagged with a meme. So now I have to really focus and name five things in my life that I never dreamed, when I was 25, would be in my life now. 

My goodness, the list is endless, so I had to think about it for awhile. Last night, I decided to ask Hubby what things he could think of that are now in my life that I wouldn’t have imagined at 25. I could have listed him, my two daughters, plus my two grandchildren, and that adds up to five, but I think in reality I sort of expected somebody would come along someday and that would inevitably lead to children and grandchildren. But he immediately started a great list for me: computers, the internet, a microwave oven, etc. Voila! I added blogging and our house here in the mountains. So there you are, my list of five things that have really impacted my life in a significant way.

The first one to come along was the microwave oven. I remember my first one was a monstrous size, and it was a surprise one Christmas after I’d hinted for most of the year before I imagine. So off I went after the holidays to microwave cooking classes, convinced that this microwave was going to change my world. It would cook our meals in a quarter of the time, so I could spend my time in loftier pursuits such as working as board member of the PTA and the volunteer hospital work I was involved in at the time.

Well, the results were mixed. And it wasn’t too long before we were tired of the unevenly cooked dinners, etc., and I went back to the old tried and true way of the regular kitchen stove, electric at the time as I recall. But all these years later, I still have a microwave. Not the monstrous one I started out with, but one smaller and very stylish built-in that matches all the other stainless appliances in my kitchen. Even though I don’t actually “cook” with it, it’s so handy I can’t imagine being without it either.

Then came the first computer that Hubby won at a store opening in the early or mid-1980’s. Though it showed a little promise, it didn’t seem to excite Hubby much, not much memory or something, so he soon upgraded to a new one, our first Apple, like the kids were starting to use in the schools.

They took to that Apple like flies on rotten bananas. I played around with it a little, enjoyed a clandestine game of Kingsquest now and then when the girls were at school, Hubby at work and I wasn’t busy volunteering. I never did get very good at that game, but it still wanted me to play it all too often. I would have to be very careful of these things called computers! Chances are they were really time thiefs!

Then I started using the old Dos word programs, you know–with floppy discs–to write. In 1987 I finally decided to do something about that old lifelong writing ambition and enrolled in some English classes at Ohio State. I also helped the girls out by typing up an occasional report they’d written for school assignments and would get extra credit for if it was typed instead of handwritten. Hubby, who had been using computers at work for a long time by then, had gotten the electronic fever and kept upgrading our computers, getting more memory.

He also kept pushing me to learn more and more that I could do with the computer, but I still kept on insisting on doing most things the old fashioned way–like keeping the checkbook balanced by hand, writing out records by hand, rather than using a Money program. I like to tell people that he dragged me kicking and screaming into the modern age.

When we were in Tennessee in the mid 1990’s, and both daughters had flown the nest  to attend college and graduate school, we finally broke down and bought our first internet service, email, so that we could keep in closer contact with them. I also had my first experience with surfing the internet since we paid for a certain number of hours per month. I remember being scared out of my wits once when a message from some stranger popped up on my screen wanting to chat. Creepy! I couldn’t get off fast enough.

Eventually, I began to use my computer in earnest to write a cookbook memoir. At that point Hubby decided we were no longer a one computer family, so he bought himself one of those cute “Macs” that came out around 2002. I preferred PC by that time, still do, because it seemed more “user friendly” to me. Doing the cookbook forced me to fully embrace computers and electronic marvels, and learn everything on a “need to know” basis.

Now I’m pretty confident that I could do pretty much anything I need to do with it. I keep my music on it, my photographs, my writing,  and now my blogging. I can’t imagine my world without a computer now. So much so that, once in awhile I ask myself if the house caught fire, what would I grab as I run out the door? Computer is right up there at the top of the list, or at least the hard drive, because that’s where so many of my important things are stored.

That brings me to number four, which has to be blogging. I never dreamed when I was 25 years old that I would be blabbing about myself and my life on such a public forum. By nature I’m a shy person, and in spite of what my blogging might otherwise suggest, I am basically an introvert. I enjoy getting to know people, but I also need my alone time. When I’m blogging I can be both introvert and extrovert at the same time. It works for me!

The fifth and final thing on the list in my meme is our home here in the foothills of the Wasatch. I never dreamed I’d ever live in a big house on the side of a mountain where I could look out and see mountains all around me, plus a valley below, that is better than all the lights and glitter of the Las Vegas strip where we lived for 9 summers before moving here two years ago. The only thing that could be better is–if the windows here in our office weren’t too high to look out of while I sit here typing. That would make life in my winter years almost perfect. All said, I’ve been a pretty lucky woman pretty much all my life. Let’s hope that luck hangs around to the very end.

Now, if I have this right, it’s my turn now to tag five more for this same meme. I tag the Day Tripper, Grandma Henke, Studio Ruthe, Terri there Writing Away in Cedar Key, and Catch Her in the Wry to write about five things in your life now that you would never have imagined when you were twenty-five.

3 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Oh No……You had to do that. LOL

    Seriously, this is lovely writing, and it’s lovely journaling. Thank you so much for these glimpses into your life. I’ll work on that list on and off today and see what happens. You just stay warm and start planning to add a window. 🙂

  2. Ha Ha … I’m reading along thinking what wonderful things you had to say about those five things and “wallah” there’s my name with the challenge to do the same. I must say I am sort of … flattered? Now to come up with different things than you mentioned!

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