In Love Again

I never in a million years thought I would fall in love again, but yet–even at 65–I find I am capable of falling head over heels again in love. His name is Charlie. I only met him just this morning through the SLC Tribune, and in spite of all the Trib isn’t as far as useful national information, I laud the part of it that gives me these trivial little glimpses into other lives like Charlie’s.

If you’d like to learn more about Charlie, or see him for yourself, go over to my sidebar and scroll down to the Blogroll. Now look in the alphabetical listing (below the askerisked items) for Daily Coyote. That’s it! Charlie is a coyote rescue taken in by a writer (she’s published a cookbook on gluten-free recipes) from New York who fell in love with the wild west while traveling across country on a Vespa. She had been living in California and thought she was on her way back to New York to resettle there, but decided to stay in Wyoming instead.

Shreve Stockton (that’s her name) doesn’t need any more hits a day; according to the news account she gets 30,000 per day, so I’m not doing her a favor by adding her to my blogroll. I put her there because I wanted to add her blog to my regular reading schedule, and share her with anyone who happens to find themselves in Wintersong on the off-chance they haven’t discovered her yet.

The best way to catch up is to begin in the archives with September ’07 (that’s when she began it) or scroll all the way to the bottom, and read upwards. That way you’ll discover Charlie as a tiny pup and virtually watch him grow up through the regular postings of photographs of him and Shreve’s cat Eli as they slowly get to know and trust each other.

I’m hooked. And if you’re a lover of all wild things like me, I’ll bet you will be too. 

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