A Day Off

I wanted to write a post about ethics today, but my office–especially my desk–is so cluttered that I’m forced to shut down for a day or two and clean everything up. Cleaning out clutter in the surroundings will clear out the clutter in my head, hopefully. At least I’ll be able to find things and get those books back to the library before they’re overdue.

I’ll be back Saturday morning with a delightful video with sound advice that will be very relevant in view of the impending revelry surrounding New Year’s Eve.

4 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. mageb, I would be mortified if anyone out there in bloggosphere could see my office. Between the holidays, classes, and everything else and trying to be regular in posting, things have really gone haywire. Thanks for the hugs.

  2. Clutter – I know about. I wish you well on all de-cluttering activities. I finally called a pro and we worked out a scenario to clear and reorganize my studio and art stuff when I return after the holidays. Whew, I feel better already and the ‘overwhelm’ faded just by having a plan and a list of steps I need to take. Wishing you a fine new year.

  3. I know what you’re sayin’….
    I resumed work on my current manuscript yesterday, but had so much “junk” on my desk here, I couldn’t think straight. So got it all cleaned up and clutter gone.
    I posted a video blog for today, but I’m also taking a few days off. Just need a break and I’m buried in my “real” writing at the moment.
    So wishing you a great weekend and a very Happy New Year!

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